Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hajj Corruption scandal Must watch Kal tak with Javed Chaudary – 8th December 2010

Unbelievable 70 year old Pakistani body builder Video

Katrina Kaif dancing at Tees Maar Khan Beach party.

t’s very fun to attend an event , organized OUT OF THE BOX to promote a film. Rather then a press conference being held at a hotel, really. Becuase some actors (not mentioning names, but they know who they are) just gets ZERO for personality. So if you have the normal press conference at a hotel, and you get the no personality-blank-face actors to talk about the movie, is just sad So Farah Khan gets all my vote for organizing fun Road To Promo events for

New world record set in TV watching

 New world record set in TV watching LOS ANGELES: Three southern California men have broken a Guinness world record for continuous TV watching, in a special Plexiglass theater for 86 hours and six minutes.

Farris Hodo, Kevin Cood and Victor Lopez outlasted 97 other contestants to earn the record as the endurance contest concluded four days after it began three days ago at the Hollywood & Highland central courtyard.

Each of the three finalists was awarded a

why most developed countries have more numbers of depressed people?

People in developed countries enjoy lot of facilities that people in undeveloped countries cannot even imagine. They have all resources to fullfil their basic needs to luxury. But as shown in below table, people are more depreesed than undeveloped countries? if people are not happy to get all these things then what makes people really happy?

WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex

These Saudi students at a prayer event in Riyadh conform to the puritanical image of the country, but worldly pleasures are available behind closed doors to the very rich, WikiLeaks cables show. Photograph: Fahad Shadeed/Reuters

In what may prove a particularly incendiary cable, US diplomats describe a world of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll behind the official pieties of Saudi Arabian royalty.
Jeddah consulate officials described an underground Halloween party, thrown last year by a member of the royal family, which broke all the country's Islamic taboos. Liquor and prostitutes were present in abundance, according to leaked dispatches, behind the heavily-guarded villa gates.
The party was thrown by a wealthy prince from the

NOKIA 2030 Cellphone in Polished Titanium is Sexy and Shiny

With the latest technological advancements, features and functions of mobile phones change more frequently than any other portable gadget available on the market, as we see something different and new in a cellphone every few days. Conceived by designer Jim Chan, the “Nokia 2030” is a phone concept that presents an illuminated touch sensitive keypad to allow fast and

Future is here Floating Smart Phone

It’s a concept design done by two industrious folks In-oh Yoo and Sun-woong Oh who want nothing more than to bring you a phone that spins in mid-air. This phone works in tangent with its charging cradle, its cradle, the phone and magnets creating a space where the phone spins while charging, creating a unique aesthetic experience.

Differentiate between Past and Present!

Have a look on these funny pictures, you will easily differentiate between past and present.

iPad 2 Rumored To Land In April 2011

According to rumors, Apple has put in the request for its Taiwanese based component maker Foxconn to produce and ship iPad 2 within 100 days with plans for a spring 2011 release. According to Digitimes, initial shipments should reach 400,000600,000 units.
Sources expect the product to get an official launch sometime in April of next year.
An analyst with Gleacher & Co. Brian Marshall said:

We love you Sheila! Delhi boys hail Katrina

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif might have expected a thunderous welcome at a mall here Tuesday afternoon, but much to her surprise, she was greeted with “We love you Sheila” shout by young Delhi boys, leaving her a little embarrassed.
“How stunning”, “She is beautiful”, “Wah! Kya ladki hai (Wow! What a girl)” were just some of the reactions from young guys mesmerised by her beauty.
Katrina has become a rage ever since her sexy dance number “Sheila ki jawaani” from “Tees Maar Khan” has hit the

Farah Khan Rubbishes Rift With Friend SRK, Yet Again!

Their supposed rift had hit the headlines a long time back and both Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have come clean on the subject a number of times in the past, but this definitely was not enough to stop the speculations of the media, who have been asking constant questions to the duo regarding their latest relationship

First Muharram begins

1st Muharram ul Haram begins from today and Ashura on 17th.Earlier, strict security arrangements finalised jointly by rangers and police for throughout Sindh and especially for Karachi, Hyderabad and Khairpur.The Rangers Sindh and the police have been put on high alert and temporary security pickets have been set up in the city which will be manned round the clock by

Desi Avatar Girl