Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook Announces New Messaging System: “It’s Not E-mail”

Facebook is set to launch a new “modern messaging system,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a press event this morning in San Francisco.
Zuckerberg says that more than four billion messages are currently sent through Facebook each day. He also shared that Facebook believes that modern messaging is seamless, informal, immediate, personal, simple and minimal. “It’s not e-mail,” he said.
Interestingly enough, Facebook is handing out e-mail addresses to all users. The system, however, is really modeled after chat according to Andrew Bosworth. “People should share however they want to share,” he says.
The new messaging system is composed of three parts: seamless messaging, conversation history and the social inbox. The latter is an inbox for filtering the messages you want, organized by the people you care about. So, it’s designed to highlight conversations with

Kangana Ranaut New photo shoot

Bombshell Pamela Anderson in India's Bigg Boss

Anderson was set to arrive in Mumbai late Monday and enter the live studio near the cit: Image via Google news

Canadian model and former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is to appear in reality television show 'Bigg Boss', the Indian version of 'Big Brother'. Anderson, 43, was set to arrive in Mumbai late Monday and enter the live studio near the city on Tuesday, a spokesman for the

Ye Hota Ha daam (Living On The Edge)

Beer For Dogs

Time Passes So Quickly

UK ‘running out of new web addresses'

UK ‘running out of new web addresses LONDON: A computer scientist known as one of the "godfathers of the internet" has warned that the UK could run out of new web addresses in just over a year.

Vint Cerf, the vice-president of Google, told a conference in London yesterday that the final batch of conventional internet protocol (IP) addresses – the unique numbers needed by computers to operate online – would be exhausted by early 2012.

He said unless action was taken soon, Britain would no longer be able to

Recent Development Pictures of Makkah for Haj season

                                  Fifth floor of Jamrat Bridge opens for Haj
JEDDAH: The fifth floor of the high tech Jamrat Bridge in Mina will be open to pilgrims this Haj season, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs said Saturday.

“The opening of the fifth floor will facilitate the stoning ritual at Jamrat,” said Habeeb Zainul Abideen, deputy minister for municipal and

India Signed Veena Malik just to Disgrace Pakistan

Bollywood Hotties

Kids in these days


Australian woman and her English husband got married for the 83rd time

An Australian woman and her English husband got married for the 83rd time - on their way to saying 'I do' 100 times - as part of an Irish competition win that sees them traveling the world. Mark and Denise Duffield-Thomas are now in equal position with the current Guinness World Record holders for the most weddings, The Cairns Post reported.

The young newlyweds, who tied the knot in the UK in August last year and followed it up with a beach ceremony in Australia, won the Ultimate Job in the

You want this dog?

Windows Phone 7 beats iPhone 4 and Android ... in a grilling contest (video)

Let's face it, it's a question the world's been dying to know the answer to: which of the T-Mobile G2, HTC Surround and iPhone 4 will withstand a (literal) grilling the longest? Well, just in time for a mildly singed breakfast today, we have the answer. As you might have surmised from the title, HTC's WP7-equipped Surround showed the most endurance, though in the end it too cashed out its Earthly credits and moved on to that great scrapyard in the sky. Video of its final moments awaits after the

Confirmed: Lenovo LePad headed to US in 2011

Lenovo led us to believe that that our LePad chances weren't terribly good, but CEO Yang Yuanqing recently told the Wall Street Journal that the Android tablet is indeed slated for a 2011 US launch. Though Lenovo's COO Rory Read was pretty clear that the LePad wouldn't ship stateside until a tablet-ready version of Android was ready to go, it seems the company's now confident that Google will deliver the goods. However, our gain is apparently China's loss, as the publication reports that the slate's been pushed into 2011 (as opposed to this December) in its country of origin as

Nokia E7 hits FCC with as much 3G support as you can handle

In our inevitable Utopian future (assuming we make it past this 2012 noise), we'll all use one frequency for our high-speed wireless broadband across the globe. Actually, we'll probably just beam information directly between our brains and brain-like supercomputers at speeds so fast they can't be measured, and we won't need smartphones at all because they'll be installed in our bodies at birth, complete with eyeballs capable of 1080p video capture. Until then, though, we've got companies like Nokia showing some hustle to put pentaband 3G radios on the market, and the trend continues with the

Narnia to release in India ahead of US

The third movie in the 'Chronicles of Narnia' franchise will unspool in India a week prior to its US release.

'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' is releasing in the US on December 10 but Indian fanswill get to see the movie on December 3.

The 3D film will release with around 800 plus prints and in four languages including Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, a statement said.

Hollywood films are usually released in India either on the same day or a few days, even months after its release in the US but considering the huge popularity of the

Aanchal Kumar evicted from Bigg Boss

Model Aanchal Kumar has been evicted from Big Boss 4 after receiving the lowest number of votes, even as actor Ali Merchant has bid farewell to the house just a day after his marriage to TV star Sara Khan.

Kumar was competing for audience attention against film actor Ashmit Patel and television actress Dolly Bindra. Her elimination came after then house captain Hrishant Goswami nominated her by using his special privileges.

Meanwhile, actor Ali Merchant has also left the reality show, a day after his wedding with Sara Khan. He was only a guest in the

Sara-Ali marriage completely fake: Rahul Bhatt

The marriage between Sara Khan and her beau Ali Merchant on Bigg Boss 4 was nothing but "nonsense, completely fake and utterly staged", says Rahul Bhatt who was earlier evicted from the show. He also accuses Colors channel of changing his words to suit its TRP plans.

How can two people get married on a reality show, wondered Rahul.

"It's all nautanki (drama) staged for TRPs. If two people want to make a tamasha of their relationship, that's their problem. I refused to get pally with the girls just to spice up the show," he said.

In a shocking revelation, Rahul accused the