Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surprise KISSING by a girl


Pakistani MATH TEACHER makes it to NASA

Asifuddin, an O-Levels teacher in Karachi, was invited by NASA to a five-day space camp in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. About 220 teachers from 21 countries and 47 states took part in 2010 space camp where Asifuddin was the only Pakistani. Here is a quick look at his experience through images.

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Funny Obama signs find near Chehalis, Washington

Funny Obama Signs find at Northbound on I-5 near Chehalis,
WA B (88 miles south of Seattle)

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Sexy Lara Croft Girls

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Strange Friendship ...

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Most Beautiful FACE | Evan Rachel

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Konkona Sen Sharma pregnant!

Konkona Sen Sharma, the leading actress of the contemporary parallel cinema of India is soon going to be a happy mother. As per our reports Konkona is pregnant and that is the reason why she has also opted out of a project which she had earlier signed stating the reason that she doesn’t want to

only in pakistan funny pictures

Shahi Imam Syed Ahmad Bukhari Attacks Newspaper Reporter Video

50 Cent Ft Far East Movement- Like A G6 (Remix)

Break Ke Baad Full Movie songs Download Now

Guzaarish - 2010 Full songs Download Now

Panasonic Hair Washing Robot will wash your hairs like human

Introducing Panasonic's new hair washing robotic will massage you just like human hands, and will replace the worker at your saloons. It will also rinse and dry your hairs also by understanding the shape of each head shape it will adjust accordingly to give you ultimate comfort. Have a

Celebrity breakups in 2010

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin ended their second engagement in

Chile Capsule Rescue In Pictures

At last after a long wait rescue work started at Chile mine using capsule system successfully attempt and freed 33 trapped Chile miners, which were trapped since August 5. Have a look at pictures and happiness at faces

Billboards hooked up real human to communicate

Today is the era of advertisements, thing doesn't matter before strong advertisements that pursue customer trends. Featuring another creative advertisement idea to use human billboards that talks to public. This ING Direct ad by Leo Burnett has come up with this creative idea of

McDonald’s map in United States

In 48 contiguous states of America this map is made by Stephen Von Worley to show all McDonald’s locations. Only a single spot in northwestern Nevada is the most McDonald’s-free on the map. It’s the McFarthest spot (to use Von Worley’s term) at 115 miles to the

Japanese pop singer robot

This HRP-4 "diva-bot" is special one, the developer of this robot made it in the way to understand human's mouth and synthesize the appropriate notes. Th fembot's uses VocaListener program that allows a robot to watch a human's mouth to log it so that it can sing like humans, and second program is Vocawatcher to make robot able to understand human facial expressions. In simple words the

Hindu accepting Islam in a Christian-Muslim DEBATE

Americans Stood up for A Muslim Woman - Must Watch

Kim Kardashian Fills Out A Dress Like No Other

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amazing eyeballs

Chalti Phirti Awaami Shairi – Geomentary 13th October 2010

The Inside Story on Flag Raising Issue in Common wealth games

No More Fake Degrees Investigation – HEC

Soha Ali Khan is having bad dreams

Soha Ali Khan is having bad dreams8 am: So I have this frequent dream in which no matter where I am or what I'm doing, all my teeth fall out. I can almost taste the blood, feel bits of teeth...yup, pretty gross! Not sure what it means but in tarot, the bad cards usually mean something good so I'm optimistic..

9.30 am: On set. I settle down with a cup of coffee bought from a nearby store and a newspaper. Five minutes later, I can't get through either!

10.15 am: Here we go, first scene of Chemistry. Lots of lines, lots of attitude... hope I get it right!

2 pm: Lunch. Squeeze in two telephonic interviews on the release of Life Goes On in London in November. Going there to promote the film with Amma in two weeks! Can't wait!

5.30 pm: Meeting with producer of soon-to-be-announced next film. Requires a lot of prep work and is definitely out of my comfort zone. Hate multi-tasking but no option. Set up a schedule for workshops.

7.15 pm: Pack up! Shoot went well. Am enjoying exploring my comic side :-) Should go to the gym but

Pak Paper: Blame Bollywood for world's water shortage

Pak Paper: Blame Bollywood for world`s water shortageWhat is the prime reason for the world's water shortage? Bollywood films, according to a prominent Pakistani paper.

"The shortage of water is a key global issue these days. And what is the reason for this shortage? Believe it or not, Bollywood films, " a report in the Urdu daily Jang said Tuesday.

"Bollywood not only spends money like water on its films but prodigious waste of water is also a habit of Bollywood producers and directors, " it said, noting in that current Salman Khan superhit "Dabangg", one scene which showed the heroine (Sonakshi Sinha) getting wet in the rain "used 180, 000 litres of water".

Giving other examples, it said another picture dealing with the 2007 floods in Mumbai used a whopping 3, 600, 000 litres of water for filming just once scene of the deluge, while the Shah Rukh Khan film 'My Name is Khan' used 2, 400, 000 litres of water.

"All this was not ordinary water but

Aishwarya glowing, Kaun Banega Dadaji?

Aishwarya glowing, Kaun Banega Dadaji?Here's the news straight from Jalsa on the night of Amitabh Bachchan's birthday

Amitabh Bachchan turned 68 yesterday, and there was a party for a select few at his residence Jalsa. The guest list included the family's close friends and relatives.

Among those present were Aamir Khan and Kiran, designer duo Abu Jaani-Sandeep Khosla, Kirron Kher, ad man Prasoon Pandey and writer Prasoon Joshi.

Also present was Ash's pregnant sister-in-law Shrima with her husband. As the Big B had to attend an event for the telecast of KBC4, the party started around 9 pm.

Kaun Banega Dadaji?

All the attendees kept heaping praises on Ash. Everyone from Aamir to Akshay congratulated her on the success of Robot.

However, the congratulatory messages weren't restricted to the film. A source reveals, "Ash was looking stunning.

There was this natural glow on her face and she

Is Ranvir-Konkona expecting their first child?

Is Ranvir-Konkona expecting their first child?Recently, Bollywood actors Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranvir Shorey had a hush-hush marriage in the presence of only some close relatives and friends. In fact, hardly anyone from the industry was invited at the function. However, the latest news is that the newly married couple is expecting their first baby.

The couple is probably trying to keep the news of their first baby a closely guarded secret like their marriage.

The news about their marriage was disclosed by Konkona only after tying the knot with Ranvir. The actress is trying all means to hide her pregnancy from everybody and for this, she has decided to go for a long break till next September. She does not want anyone to make news with her baby bump.

A close friend of Konkona was quoted saying that the actress wants to keep the pregnancy news under wraps. The friend said that the actress signed a movie earlier, but now, she has informed her producers that she won't be able to do that. The actress probably wants to take good care of herself during these days. The producers have also allowed her to

Why Neha Sharma did not kiss Emraan Hashmi

Why Neha Sharma did not kiss Emraan HashmiNewbie Neha Sharma, who was seen as Emraan Hashmi's love interest in the recently released "Crook", said she was not concerned about her co-star's serial kisser image while giving nod for the film.

"I was not sceptical before saying yes for this role. The story is most important to an actor, so when I heard the narration, I realised that it's a brilliant film and there is no way that I'm going to miss out on this, " Neha told in an interview.

"As far as the kissing bit was concerned that was not the agenda in the story as far as my character is concerned. The relationship that Emraan and I portray in the film, didn't need that, " she said.

Emraan locked lips with act

Why Katrina made a hush-hush visit to Haridwar?

Why Katrina made a hush-hush visit to Haridwar?Katrina Kaif made a quick trip to Haridwar last week. The actress travelled with her personal entourage for a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges.

Her visit was kept under wraps, as she didn't want any security hassles. She chose to visit the banks of the river late evening to avoid attracting any attention.

A source reveals, "Kat was planning to visit Haridwar for a long time. But she couldn't take time off from shooting.

Since she was shooting for Yash Raj Films' Mere Brother Ki Dulhan in North India, she decided it would be the best time to visit the holy place."

Apart from the dip she also stood in queue for darshan at a temple on the banks of the river. "Since it was late evening, the place wasn't that crowded.

Also, making an unannounced trip paid off as people didn't even know Katrina was in the city.

She was dressed in a simple salwar kameez with a

Acer goes pastel with 10.1-inch Aspire One Happy dual-booting netbook

Cherry Red and Midnight Black too harsh for your innocent eyes? How's about a gaggle of pastel options to take the edge off? Acer has just issued a new line of netbooks catering to those still stuck in the 70s, with the flower-powered Aspire One Happy range offering the most delightful lids of any netbook, ever. This 10.1-inch machine packs a WSVGA panel, six-cell battery (up to eight hours of battery life), Atom N450 CPU, GMA 3150 GPU, 250GB hard drive, WiFi, 2GB of memory and inbuilt Bluetooth. It also supports dual booting (Windows 7 and Android 2.1), but the highlight of the show is the abundance of color options: Candy Pink, Lavender Purple, Lime Green and Hawaii Blue. All four hues are available now across the pond for £249.99 ($397), but mum's the word on a

Sony Google TV HDTVs and Blu-ray player launch details revealed

Straight from Sony's Google TV unveiling in New York we finally know the official details of its plans, which include four HDTVs (24-, 32- , 40- and 46-inch) with prices from $599 to $1,399, plus a funky white set-top box with built-in Blu-ray player for $399. The 24-inch is a CCFL backlit LCD, while the larger models all feature edge LED lighting, while all of them feature built in WiFi, so no need to go stringing any new network cables to the living room. The only custom app we're seeing among the preinstalled ones (Netflix, CNBC, Napster, Pandora and more) is a Sony Qriocity VOD player, for more you'll be waiting for the Android Market to hit in early 2011. If you want to be the first on your block with one, hit up the local Sony Style outlet when they go on sale this weekend, or Best Buy stores starting October 24, meanwhile, check the press release after the break for full specs and

Laptops Rugged Notebooks hatches Eagle series for 'demanding' work environments

Rugged Notebooks has just launched a new series of ruggedized laptops called the Eagle Series. As one would expect, these laptops are meant to sustain drops, spill and shocks, meeting the FBI's guidelines user-authentication guidelines for computers accessing National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data, though you pay for that in the weight of the beast: the Eagle weighs in at a hefty five and a half pounds. Specwise, the 14.1-incher boasts a 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Dup CPU, up to 8GB of RAM, and HDMI out standard. Options include dual RAID 0/1 hard drives, 3G, GPS, touchscreen, a webcam, and Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems. The Eagle Series is

Cybertecture Mirror reflects our fantasies, looks set to become a reality (video)

We're still trying to rub the disbelief out of our eyes, but no, this isn't a dream. The Cybertecture Mirror may look like yet another vapor-rich concept -- what with its translucent overlaid interface and cloud-connected ways -- but it's actually just had its launch in Hong Kong, is set to start taking pre-orders in December, and will (hopefully) be shipped by the middle of next year. The brainchild of one James Law, this reflective renegade measures 800 x 500 x 50mm, comes with stereo speakers totalling 10W of power output, WiFi, IP41 waterproofing, and fog-resistant glass. Before you ask if it runs Android, both the display and operating system are said to be proprietary, with the