Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shahid Khan Afridi in Front Line with Kamran Shahid – 10 Oct 2010

Amazing Musharaf’s Parody 4 Man Show – 10th October 2010

How To Be Tight

All 3 episodes will make you laugh, must watch all video. alright! Really if

Bigg Boss shoot 4 to be banned

The shooting to Indian reality TV show Big Boss 4 likely to be ban, as Indian extremist party Shiv Sena’s aggressive agitation against the show continues.
Officials with the district administration said the collector would ask the channel to present its viewpoint within 48 hours. “A notice will be sent to channel’s Mumbai office and will also be stuck at the Lonavla bungalow gate,” the source said.
Miscreants of the party Shiv Sena started their protests outside the bungalow after chief Bal Thackeray objected to the inclusion of two Pakistani actors Veena Malik and

Second gold for Pakistan, Inam wins CWG wrestling title

 Second gold for Pakistan, Inam wins CWG wrestling title NEW DELHI: Muhammad Inam of Pakistan won his team's second Commonwealth Games wrestling title within an hour on Sunday - after the country had gone 40 years without a gold.

Inam was outplayed and overpowered by Kumar in the first session but, spurred on by teammate Azhar Hussain's victory in the 55kg final, the big wrestler found the inspiration to overcome the favourite and the chants of a partisan home crowd.

Inam won the next two sessions by the narrowest of margins to take the bout 4-3.

Before Sunday, Pakistan had not taken a Games wrestling title since they won four golds in Edinburgh 1970.

The 84kg class was the tightest in the men's freestyle tournament. Inam earned a shot at gold after defeating Gerald Waldemar Meyer of South Africa in a

16 Creative Bus Stops

Going at bus somewhere is not very boring but the wait for bus to come is a very big headache. What if you get very amazing & cool bus stop. Presenting today 16 super cool and most creative bus stops. If you are constructor, city developer or any authority, then you should make cool bus stop like below or if you are just a general public and bus traveler you just can hope or dream these stops and

Coachella 2010

Now I Know Why All the Girls were Crazy About Imran Khan! (Video)

Shame on Such Person !! Video

Kareena,Katrina,Rani,Preity +Other with Salman Khan @ Being Human Fashion Show @ HDIL

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Samantha Hot in White Unseen pictures

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Electrical Short Circuit after 95% COMPLETION of the PROJECT in QATAR

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Pervez Musharraf Speaks Exclusively Regarding Latest Controversies

Pervez Musharraf Crush Barkha Dutt Indian TV Journalist On NDTV

2010 Nobel Prize Winners

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced 05 October 2010 Russian-born scientists Andre Geim and Russian Konstantin Novoselov as the winners of the 2010 Nobel Prize in

Cunard’s £365m gift Queen Elizabeth at her 60th anniversary

60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign is approaching. This time she is gonna get a special gift from her nephew Viscount Linley. Queen is likely to receive Cunard’s stunning cruise liner, Estimated cost of 365 million pound this Cruise is built at Italian shipyard and weighs 92,400-tonne, with capacity of 2092 passengers, and crew of 1021 people is big upto 179ft high and 964.5ft long.

The cruise will be delivered to Queen at ceremony at Monday and

Technology Rocking: Introducing ELegs for paralyzed to walk again

ELegs is not less than true life for paralyzed from the waist down, this prototype robotic machine which is still under development, will soon available to general public at cheap cost.

The suit consists of a backpack-mounted controller connected to robotic legs. It is driven by four motors, one for each hip and knee. The ankle joint is controlled with passive springs that keep the foot angled so that it can be placed on the ground, heel to toe, as the leg steps. Sensors in the legs relay position information to the control unit, which determines how to bend the joints and, in

Street swings at side walks, time to play?

YellOooo, Whenever you go to Stockholm, Sweden always look around, because you could find a street swing to play.
Made from rope, crates, cardboard around 65 streets wings by artists Akay and Peter to encourage the activities other than routine work. So when ever you are in Sweden and tired after doing work go around have have swings.

Nokia E-Cu by Patrick Hyland will charge automatically in your pocket

Charging mobile phone is just a headache. What if you get charged phone while in your pocket?
Nokia E-Cu concept by London designer Patrick Hyland, uses an integrated thermogenerator that converts heat into energy. So its will be automatically charging itself while in your pocket with body heat. It is surrounded by copper with engraved heatsinks in a dry earth pattern which represents the effect of heat on the natural environment. The phone can be charged by

Lotto 'Lucky Dog' by DDB NZ and The Sweetshop


# Bollywood Hot Actor/Actress+Some Hot Cleavage At HDIL Fashion Show

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Aishwarya Sakhuja - FHM India - Oct 2010

Hot Sania Mirza

Pakistani Future Leaders

Made by GOD VS made by man

Government Badnaam Hui... !!