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Bagan Di Mehndi OST Dolly ki Aye gi Baraat (Geo Tv Drama Serial) [Download Exclusive Audio]

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Jailed for 86 Years

20 Signs You Are Really Fat

If you are eating fast or junk food, and on the other hand, you are not exercise, you have great chance to became fat. And that’s not good. You shouldn’t look like people in these pictures, unless you are ill Stand up and get away from the computer and go play some sports. If you still wanna stay, you could find yourself on these pictures.

You Are The Whole Rockband

20 signs you are really fat01 20 Signs You Are Really Fat

General Hamid Gul’s message of hope to the Youth of Pakistan

General Hamid Gul’s message of hope to the Youth of Pakistan

Zuckerberg to make 100 million dollar school gift

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg will donate 100 million dollars to the troubled public school system in Newark, New Jersey, the New York Times reported late Wednesday.
NEW YORK: Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg will donate 100 million dollars to the troubled public school system in Newark, New Jersey, the New York Times reported late Wednesday.
The donation was to be announced on the Oprah Winfrey television show, the report said.
The Times said the gift would be the first installment in an education endowment to be started by Zuckerberg.
It would be by far the largest publicly known gift by Zuckerberg, whose fortune was estimated last year by Forbes magazine at two billion dollars.
The gift is many times larger than any the system has received before, and amounts to one-eighth of the 800-million-dollar annual operating budget.
It was not yet clear how the money would be used, or over what period of time.
The Times said the gift would be made with the condition of giving back some control of the school system to the mayor of the city, Cory Booker. The state currently runs the system in the troubled city.
The report said Zuckerberg has no connection to Newark, but in July he and Booker met at a conference and began a conversation about the mayor's plans for the city.
Facebook declined to comment on the report, responding to an AFP inquiry with a

Afghanistan adds female officers to swelling army

Newly trained female officers of Afghan National Army take front seats as a new batch of officers attend their graduation ceremony at National Army's training center in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010. – 
KABUL: Afghanistan's army got its first female officers in decades on Thursday when 29 women graduated in a class of new recruits who hope to help take the lead role in national security from foreign forces by 2014.
President Hamid Karzai, Nato and the United States have been pushing to expand and train Afghanistan's army, police and other security forces to allow them to take over during a planned drawdown of foreign troops.
The United States has said it will start its withdrawal in July 2011, although the process may take years.
“I am fully committed to serving my country, the same way as my Afghan brothers currently serving in the army. That is why I decided to join,” said female officer Mari Sharifi after the

HP Slate prototype caught in the wild, booted to Windows 7

HP has done plenty of its own teasing of the HP Slate, but in-the-wild spottings are few and far between. Now our favorite YouTuber and yours, x313xkillax, has a video of an HP Slate prototype. (There's some speculation that this is a fake, but from everything we know about the tablet we're pretty sure this is the real deal.) The hardware looks similar to what we've seen before, though perhaps a bit further along than version "reviewed" back in April. We're pleased with the

Panasonic Toughbook U1 gets new sunlight-viewable screen, still solid to its Atom core

Remember Panasonic's Toughbook CF-U1? Yeah, so it's been a while (2008, in fact) since it was unveiled and then reviewed, which is exactly why Panny thought the time had come to update the rugged UMPC. Its Toughbook U1 has the same magnesium alloy chassis -- we're told it's still the most rugged Toughbook of them all -- but has been updated with "enhanced sunlight viewability." It's no PixelQi display, but the TransflectivePlus screen can be cranked up to 6000 nits for checking e-mails and other pertinent information in the bright light of day. Internally, the U1 has acquired a newer 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a larger 64GB SSD with Windows 7. The optional two megapixel front-facing camera has also been tweaked with better auto-focus and white balance features. However, the updates aren't just hardware-based: screen icons have been enlarged, and there's a new

Umpire Fixing in 5th ODI ( Kamran akmal )

Kamran Akmal where given out at a crunch situation in the 5th ODI against England When he was on 41 runs Which leads Pakistan to lost the Decider ...

Zor Ka Jhatka (Action Replayy) Song Promo *Akshay & Aishwarya*

Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle Football Skills

European Parliament member Licia Ronzulli tool her newborn child in Parliament

European Parliament member Licia Ronzulli (back L) has her baby in a wraparound carrier as she and other MPs of the Group of the European People's Party participate in a voting during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

Italy's Member of the European Parliament Licia Ronzulli kisses her baby as she takes part in a voting session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Dell whips out 23-inch Inspiron One all-in-one and Zino HD

It's been awhile since we've heard from Dell on the home entertainment front, but don't you worry, the guys in Round Rock have been right on top of it. First up is the brand new Zino HD home theater PC, which like we'd heard is being updated with an AMD quad-core Phenom II processor that's more than capable of pumping out full HD to your HDTV. In typical Dell spirit there's tons of configuration options, including one for 1GB of ATI discrete graphics, a Blu-ray drive, and up to a terabyte of storage. For $299, we're a bit giddy about this little one considering it packs more power than any of those Ion nettops and it comes with a wireless keyboard and IR remote control.

If a large touchscreen all-in-one is more your thing, the Inspiron One can be configured with similar parts -- an AMD Athlon II X4 processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450, Blu-ray, and up to 1TB are all on the list. To us, the real appeal of this one is its 1920x1080 resolution, 23-inch display, which produced some pretty stunning HD playback when we saw it in action last month. Dell's put a lot of energy into its new Stage touch interface, which consists of

Anjana Sukhani Showing Huge Cleavages at a Event

Shama Sikander Exculsive Bikini Photoshoot

Shruti Hassan At Lakme Fashion Week ''N/W''

HOT Priyanka Walks The ramp For DHL Anjana Anjani show by Manish Malhotra ''N/W''

Dabangg Action Scene V.S "Romeo Must Die"

Afridi wants review system in ODIs

One-day captain Shahid Afridi has called for the introduction of a system to review umpire decisions in one-day matches, saying that one wrong decision can decide the outcome.
The International Cricket Council introduced the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) on a trial basis in Tests in June 2008, allowing teams to challenge on-field umpire decisions and refer them to a television umpire.
Teams have two opportunities per innings to contest an on-field decision, but the most contentious issue with the system is that hosts have to pay for the technology costs — unacceptable to several countries.
But Afridi said UDRS should be implemented in one-day matches to eliminate umpiring errors.
“I think the referral system is a must in one-day matches,” Afridi told private news channel after his team’s 121-run loss against England in the fifth and final one-day at

A very happy birthday to Ali Noor of noori

Guzaarish - Official First Look (Trailer)

British Newspaper Claims Shoaib Akhtar of Ball Tampering

England v Pakistan at Southampton England won by 121 runs

England win by a massive 121 runs, wrapping up their sixth series win of a very successful summer. They were simply too strong for Pakistan today. Shoaib Akhtar was exemplary with the new ball once again, and England were in trouble before Morgan and Collingwood, and then Morgan and Bresnan, revived the innings. Morgan reached his second hundred in consecutive appearances at the Rose Bowl, and 257 was always going to be a stiff chase.
Hafeez and Kamran Akmal launched Pakistan's pursuit with gusto, but once their stand was broken England took the upper hand and never eased up. Swann did the

Telenor Theme Song - Various Artist

Telenor finale included the theme song being sung by some of Pakistan's greatest artists including Huma Khawaja, Rameez & Shalim (Fuzon band), Junaid & Zulfi (Call band),Najam Shiraz, Shiraz Uppal, Jawaid Basheer (Makal Hassan band), Areeb, Bilal Maqsood & Faisal Kapadia (STRINGS).

Colombian Parrot Arrested for Acting as Look-Out for Drug Dealers

Why is it that parrots can't avoid running with the wrong crowd? First there was their storied relationship with blood-thirsty pirates. Now, apparently, they're getting involved in the Colombian drug trade. Colombian prosecutors are accusing Lorenzo the Parrot of being trained to scream a warning in Spanish-- "Run, run, the cat is going to get you!"-- when cops were nearby a weed and weapons stash. This may be our favorite line from a news story ever: "Now Lorenzo may spend his life behind bars. He's been handed over to special animal officials to join other birds suspected to be guilty of

CNN Reporter or Porn Star

Don’t Sleep So Much

In hindsight, my high school Algebra teacher may have been certifiably insane. The first day of class he wandered off on a tangent about a Medieval prince who loved his sleep. This prince loved his sleep so much he decided to sleep five minutes longer every night: 8 hours, 8 hours 5 minutes, 8 hours 10 minutes … until he slept over 24 hours. Then, he died. Class dismissed, Professor continued. Don’t forget the quiz on polynomial expressions this Thursday.
I asked around, and no one has ever heard of this prince’s cautionary tale. I did, however, find a bizarre news story about 15-year old British girl named Louisa Ball. My friends sleep through half of every class (but still get better grades). And I’ve been known to sleep through flights. But Louisa sleeps through entire family vacations. Louisa is stricken with a rare disease called Kleine-Levin Syndrome, dubbed Sleeping Beauty Disease, that makes her sleep for weeks. Her longest snooze was 13 straight days. Baffled doctors can’t stop it, so Louisa’s parents must her wake up once a day so she can eat and use the bathroom.
In spite of Louisa’s affliction, people today sleep less than ever before. According to an American Cancer Society study, Americans slept 8 hours a night in 1960. Today? 6.7 hours. That’s a groggy 15% drop in sleep within 50 years—despite NBC’s late-night lineup’s best efforts. In our defense, our grandparents/parents didn’t have the following distractions: sensationalized 24-7 news-cycles, Red Bull, the Internet, and late-night SportsCenter reruns. National Geographic pegged the costs of our national “sleep debt” at $15 billion dollars in health care expenses and up to $50 billion in lost productivity (or Syria’s nominal GDP).
As usual, our grandparents were right. Eight is the correct answer for number of sleep hours. Sleep more than that and you are more likely to die sooner. A University of

Intel Testing Net-Upgradeable Processors

Your computer isn't fast enough? Intel will send you a a key to unlock additional features of your CPU - for a fee.
Chipmaking giant Intel is launching a pilot program to test the market viability of processors that that can have additional features unlocked by downloading special software keys. Dubbed the Intel Upgrade Service, the program will be tested beginning this year with a single Intel processor—the Pentium G6951—which will reportedly be at the heart of consumer systems due to launch from Gateway and Acer later this year. The idea is that consumers or corporations can spend less money outright on a budget PC, then if they find they need more power, they can pay to unlock additional features of the processor—for a fee. The system downloads software keys from Intel, which in turn alter the firmware controlling the

Secrets of Apple's customer success

Apple Stores are maybe the best example of what makes the company different from its peers.
Apple Stores are maybe the best example of what makes the company different from its peers.
- Hardware manufacturers liberally take cues from Apple products, so why not its approach to customers? For the seventh straight year, Apple has topped its competitors in the PC industry in the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), achieving a score of 86 out of 100. Its Apple's highest ranking since the annual survey began in 1995.
But the real story is how much further ahead of its peers Apple is in this area: most of the rest of the field (Acer, Dell, HP, and others) is tied with a score of 77, while HP's Compaq brand is ranked 74.
All of the PC makers improved their scores this year, but it didn't help them collectively avoid sinking further behind Apple.
The Mac maker's nine-point lead is now the largest lead any company has over its competition in any of the 45 categories that the ACSI study surveys -- including home appliances, gas stations, autos, e-commerce, airlines, and more.
Apple's lead, while not insurmountable, can be attributed to a few things, including a lineup of products that is broad yet connected, a meticulously controlled retail experience, and a very

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