Monday, September 20, 2010

Nokia N8 delayed 'for a few weeks to do some final amends'

Sounds like it's not much of a delay -- but be that as it may, if you were hoping to pick up your colorful N8 in the tail end of this month... well, we don't quite know how to say this, but you're going to want to make other plans. Backing up rumors that have been going around the past couple days, locales that had expected to get the N8 in September have now been pushed back to October while Nokia makes "some final amends." On the upside, some rumors had the delay pegged for November, so this doesn't seem to be as bad as it could've been. For what it's worth, Nokia mentioned during Nokia World last week (and again today) that the N8 is seeing strong pre-order demand -- the strongest ever for a Nokia device, allegedly -- so this is likely to bum out a lot of folks, and for a few, it might even be just the impetus they needed to hold out for the upcoming E7. Here's the full statement:
"The amount of preorders has exceeded our expectations and we are working hard to deliver the Nokia N8 to the market. In some markets, we had planned to start delivering the Nokia N8s to our pre-order customers by the end of September. To ensure a great user experience, we have decided to hold the shipments for a few

Most expensive things


Most Expensive Cigar
Gurkha Black Dragon
Price: $1,150 each

Gurkha Cigars? Black Dragon cigars were introduced in 2006, according to The cigars are hand-crafted in Honduras and come in a box made of carved camel bone and brass. Gurkha Cigars produced only five chests of 100 cigars, each chest priced at $115,000, and only one chest remains. A new and less expensive version of the Black Dragon was

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Pakistan totals 265-7 against England in 4th ODI

Pakistan set England a target of 266 to clinch the one-day international series Monday on a day relations between the two teams threatened to boil over in a tour tainted by fixing allegations.
The match at Lord’s went ahead despite England’s anger at Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt’s accusation that England players threw Friday’s match at The Oval, which Pakistan won to keep the five-match series alive at 2-1.
Mohammad Hafeez top-scored for Pakistan with 64 as the tourists made 265-7 after winning the toss. Graeme Swann with 4-37 was

Boom Boom Afridi; 300th cap for the master blaster

Boom Boom Afridi; 300th cap for the master blaster

Afridi played his 300th ODI today against England, a huge achievement by him.

Razzak and Afridi were on fire today! Thoroughly entertained by

When Detroit was in it's FULL GLORY

When Detroit was in it's FULL GLORY
Today's cars may be faster, safer, more luxurious and get better gas mileage

Scroll down to enjoy some of what we (Well, some of YOU) grew up with!


1956 Ford Thunderbird

Ban Pakistan from cricket, says Ian Botham

LONDON: Pakistan should be banned from international cricket until corruption allegations against their cricketers have been fully investigated, England great Sir Ian Botham said on Monday.

World cricket has been rocked by allegations that members of Pakistan's team fixed aspects of last month's fourth Test match against England, which led to the suspensions of Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer.

Further allegations against Pakistan emerged over the

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Bigg Boss 4 - Music Video Ft Salman Khan - HQ

Best Looking Pencils In The World

We all use pencils to write something down. This is just a way new perspective. With a simple eraser, cutter or something else, you could make these amazing pencils. It looks so beautiful and really creative, and I had to share this pictures with you. Hope you like it. :)
best looking pencil on the world01 Best Looking Pencils In The World

Everyone’s First Trauma

Everybody is probably afraid of getting a bad haircut. But when you are an adult, you can talk to your hairdresser and discuss your future hair style. But if you are a child and if this is your first haircut ever, you react differently. How? Go inside this post to see.
everyones first trauma01 Everyones First Trauma

Mauj feat. Gumby - Mona (Live) [HQ]

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Man Ki Mat (Download Audio)

Click on the image to download
Artist: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Song: Man Ki Mat OST Aakrosh
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CUTE Argument

Fawad Aalam Having Fun in London Clubs

Atif Aslam - Tere Bin (Live at Carnivore Grounds, Nairobi, Kenya) and pictures

ATIF ASLAM'S movie still from "BOL", debut movie of the Superstar

Facebook Is Secretly Building A Phone

Facebook is building a mobile phone, says a source who has knowledge of the project. Or rather, they’re building the software for the phone and working with a third party to actually build the hardware. Which is exactly what Apple and everyone else does, too.
It was a little less than a year ago that we broke the news that Google was working on a phone of its own – which was eventually revealed as the Nexus One. It was about that time, says out source, that Facebook first became concerned about the increasing power of the iPhone and Android platforms. And that awesome Facebook apps for those phones may not be enough to counter a long term competitive threat.
Specifically, Facebook wants to integrate deeply into the contacts list and other core functions of the phone. It can only do that if it controls the operating system.
Two high level Facebook employees – Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos – are said to be secretly working on the project, which is unknown even to most

Freida Pinto HQ Images - Smoking Hot

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Shahid Afridi Caught on Field!


EMESAP as a responsible organization is the first event management company to initiate a benefit concert for the flood victims. We have joined heads & hands with Pakistan’s leading bands Strings, EP & Overload to organize a benefit concert on 25th September, 2010.
All the bands have taken great value &

A $4.4 million pet hotel: By the numbers

A luxury mega-resort in Texas (don't call it a kennel!) is offering Americans unprecedented ways to spoil their furry companions. Here, the stats behind the madness

Spoil your pet at a proposed multi-million dollar resort that includes $200 luxury rooms and other furry-friendly amenities.
Spoil your pet at a proposed multi-million dollar resort that includes $200 luxury rooms and other furry-friendly amenities. Photo: Corbis SEE ALL 16 PHOTOS
Fort Worth, TX, is emerging as the new epicenter for dog indulgence. Animal lover Janice Ford Grimes, 57, is about to open the Spa Paws Hotel, a multi-million-dollar pet resort, which will offer both local and visiting hounds a startling range of amenities, from an animal-only wellness center to pet weddings. "There isn't another hotel like this," Grimes tells The Wall Street Journal, carefully avoiding the word "kennel." "It's a hotel like you and I would stay in." While, given the

E-skin: The breakthrough that lets robots 'feel'

A new artificial skin could have profound effects on the way robots sense objects — and maybe even help them wash wineglasses without smashing them

Engineers are working on an artificial
Engineers are working on an artificial "e-skin" that can help robots negotiate the world in a more delicate and careful way. Photo: Corbis
Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley have invented an artificial skin that may change the way robots touch and sense objects. "E-skin," as its inventors call it, could lead to advances in prosthetic limbs — and even raise the odds that robots might excel at housework. (Watch a demonstration.) Here's an instant guide to this

Elle's 'fetishizing' Gabourey Sidebe cover

Is it admirable — or just weird — that a top fashion magazine has put an extremely full-figured woman on its cover?

Oscar-wining actress Gabourey Sidibe makes a splash on Elle magazine's 25 anniversary cover.
Oscar-wining actress Gabourey Sidibe makes a splash on Elle magazine's 25 anniversary cover. 
The image: For its 25th anniversary issue, Elle magazine has produced four separate covers, each featuring a 25-year-old female celebrity. Three of the women — Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox and Lauren Conrad — fit the "wispy and white" stereotype of a fashion-magazine cover girl. The fourth, full-figured African-American actress Gabourey Sidebe, decidedly does not. Is Elle's expectation-bending experiment a success?
The reaction:
"It’s one thing to tell our young girls that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes," says EBrady at Babble. But quite another "to see a gorgeous young lady that

France's burqa ban: World reactions

A ban on wearing Muslim facial veils in public sails through the French Senate. Is this an attack against discrimination, or against diversity?

Women wearing burqas in France will be fined if a new law is approved by the constitutional court.
Women wearing burqas in France will be fined if a new law is approved by the constitutional court.
The French Senate has overwhelmingly approved a bill barring Muslim women from wearing traditional, full-facial veils anywhere in public. Here are some reactions from around the world: (Watch a report about the burqa ban)

This is a victory for Muslim women — Le Monde (France)
Banning the veil is the right thing to do, say the editors. There's a consensus across most of the political spectrum in France that forcing women to

Can science make chocolate taste (even) better?

Scientists have cracked the DNA code of the cacao plant. Will our future selves be tempted by yet yummier sweets?

Some chocoholics say the quality of cocoa has fallen in recent years.
Some chocoholics say the quality of cocoa has fallen in recent years. Photo: CC BY: FotoosVanRobin
Chocolate isn't an obvious candidate for a food that needs improving. But that hasn't deterred scientists at the candy conglomerate Mars, which recently announced they had nearly completed sequencing the cacao tree's genome. This could mean stronger, more resilient cocoa crops, and — perhaps down the road — better-tasting chocolate. Here's an instant guide to this

How great is the new Twitter?

The micro-blogging site's new features have evoked many raves — and some rants, too

The new Twitter has the online world aflutter.
The new Twitter has the online world aflutter.
Twitter isn't just 140 characters anymore. The popular social networking site unveiled a massive redesign this week, adding new features that include simplified navigation for finding specific messages, ways to discover additional content related to your message updates, or "tweets," and the ability to view pictures and video directly from your home profile. The "faster, easier and richer" new Twitter, which is being rolled out to customers gradually, has been met with glowing reviews from

Why is America waging war against asteroids...alone?

The "big one" could send humans the way of the dinosaurs, says Joshua Keating in Foreign Policy — so why aren't other countries doing anything about it?

When it comes to asteroid patrol, the U.S. stands alone.
When it comes to asteroid patrol, the U.S. stands alone. 
The "good news is we probably have some time" before a giant asteroid comes hurtling toward Earth, says Joshua Keating at Foreign Policy. An object big enough to "wipe out a sizable portion" of the planet's population "only hits about twice every million years." The bad news is that nobody, except the United States, is doing anything to protect the world from the "big one." And we're only

Lady Gaga's 'world-changing' new album

At a Philadelphia concert, Gaga gave fans a self-congratulatory preview of her upcoming album — performing a ballad she says will be the anthem of the decade

Lady Gaga shares her not-so-modest thoughts on her new album during a concert in Philadelphia.
Lady Gaga shares her not-so-modest thoughts on her new album during a concert in Philadelphia.
The video: After revealing the name of her highly anticipated new album, "Born This Way," at the MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga is now revealing how "relieved" that revelation left her. "I'm like living in my new album and the least I could do was freaking tell you all the title," Gaga told screaming fans at a Philadelphia concert. "I have never worked so hard on anything my

Does falling in love mean losing your friends?

British anthropologists say people sacrifice an average of two close friendships when they start a new romance

Falling in love comes at a price — specifically, it can cost you some of your closest friends, according to anthropologists at Britain's Oxford University. On average, people have five close friends they see weekly and rely on in moments of crisis. But when someone starts a new romantic relationship, his or her new partner forces two of those people out of their circle of friends. If that's the

The mom who gave her baby pot

 A video of a 2-year-old smoking marijuana has bloggers outraged, and the child's mother facing prosecution
A mother not only gave her 2-year-old daughter pot, but she also recorded the toddler taking a few tokes.
A mother not only gave her 2-year-old daughter pot, but she also recorded the toddler taking a few tokes. 
The video: A Cincinnati, OH, mother could face up to 11 years in jail after police discovered a cell phone video of her 2-year-old daughter smoking what appears to be marijuana. Prosecutors say Jessica Gamble gave the toddler the pot, and videotaped the incident. Someone she showed the clip alerted authorities. The 21-year-old mom now faces a string of charges, including corruption with drugs and childhood endangerment. "It is unbelievable to watch on video a mother teaching her 2-year-old child how to smoke a joint," Hamilton Country Prosecutor Joe Deters tells WLWT news. "There are just

Three lightweight fuel economy meisters split $10 million in X Prize dollars

Three lightweight fuel economy meisters split $10 million in X Prize dollars
We're big fans of private entities giving away big chunks of cash to fund cool research, and the X Prize foundation seems to be making the most waves lately. Most recent is the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, a $10 million total purse going to cars able to score at least an equivalent MPG of 100. There were two main classes and three total prizes, all of which recently found winners. Besting them all was the Team Edison2 Very Light Car, taking home $5 million thanks to its

Cellphones Is Facebook working on a phone?

A report from TechCrunch today claims that Facebook may be working on a phone of its own to compete in the ever-warming smartphone race. According to a "source who has knowledge of the project," the social networking site has put two high level employees to the task of creating a smartphone which will allow deep integration with Facebook contacts. Apparently, says the source, Facebook has been concerned that Apple and Google represent some kind of threat as competitors, though there is rather deep Facebook integration in the Android platform, and even the iPhone app allows for

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Perfectly placed ads

Shadi Kay Sawal Per Meera Gir Pari

Don't Talk While he Drives

A Shocking Story of Bicker

CIA Secret Experiments

True Story of Charlie Wilson – Geomentary – 15 september 2010

Please Beware Young Guys & Girls - Read this Horrific Revelation by Pakistan's renown Columnist Javed Chaudhry