Whether it's the $14 beers or the way the bartender has to duck whenever a dancer spins around the pole, there's just something about strip clubs.

Of course, some people enjoy them more than others. Take, for instance, James Clooney, who ended up with a nearly $47,000 tab after a fun night out at the Penthouse Executive Club in Manhattan.

Clooney charged steaks, liquor and lap dances to rack up a bill big enough to buy a 3-bedroom house in Kansas. According to the club, he's since made some small payments, but nothing big enough to put a dent in his debt. So, they've filed a lawsuit against him, seeking $46,698.18.

This got us thinking: surely James Clooney isn't the first guy who's gotten a little heavy-handed with the free champagne and ended up slinking away from a massive strip club tab. Turns out, we were right. A lot of people want to party like rock stars, then wake up the