Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chelsea's Clinton Wedding

SYMT - Pyar Di Ganderi (Live Session Music Video)

UREED - Zameer (Official Music Video) [HQ]

Atif Aslam (Exclusive) video Rona Chaadita Mahi Mahi - Punjabi Film - Mel Karade Rabba

how to Suggest fan page to your all friends with few easy steps

how to Suggest fan page to your all friends with few easy steps need ur all help do it now plz :)

Page name


2 Brothers one Hafiz-e-Quran Killed mobile video

The 9 Stupidest Things Americans Believe

Obama's A Muslim

According to the Pew Research Center, 18% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. Most likely, the same people also hate Muslims. Put it together, and there's a chance that one in five Americans hate our President because of his supposed religion.


ONE in five Americans believe that President Barack Obama is a car that can talk, according to a new survey.

Yes we can, Michael
It is the latest blow to the beleaguered commander-in-chief who has struggled to connect with mainstream

30 Masterpieces Of Creative Print Media Advertisements

Media advertisment 0 30 Masterpieces of Creative Print Media Advertisements

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Media advertisment 1 30 Masterpieces of Creative Print Media Advertisements

Hadiqa Kiani in Lahore for Flood Relief (Pictures)

Hadiqa Kiani is on a nonstop mission right now to get aid to the flood victims. These pictures are NOT meant to show off. They are meant to inspire you to actually do something besides sitting on FB all day. Many of you are talking but its time for action! These pics are from her first day of shopping and sending aid directly to the flood. We will be posting more pictures and more information on how you can donate very soon. Till then check out these pictures and do your part in saving these innocent lives! [-KM]

Movie review: Lafangey Parindey

Movie review: Lafangey Parindey

She, a wannabe figure skater, cannot see. He, a bare-knuckles street-fighter, doesn’t need to. But both Pinky Palkar and Nandan Kamtekar have their sights firmly set on a

better life, a life beyond the mean backstreets of Mumbai. The path out of this morass is, needless to say, littered with countless snares.

This is just the kind of narrative raw material that is inherently primed to yield loads of drama, some dirty dancing and a bit of daredevilry. But does it?

As a love story of a somewhat different timbre, Pradeep Sarkar’s third directorial vehicle is youthful, nimble and

Now, Study Harry Potter at University

Harry Potter fans now have the chance to study about their favourite teen wizard as Durham university has introduced a one of its kind course on the

Lafangey Parindey not being promoted optimally

 MUMBAI: Yash Raj Films certainly has it’s own strange ways of operating. When they wish, they promote a film to the fullest, case in point being

Rapid meningitis test can tell if child has brain disease in just 1 hr

LONDON: Researchers have developed a groundbreaking test for meningitis and septicaemia that can tell if a child has the deadly diseases within an

Crocodile tips Australian PM to win elections

DARWIN: A crocodile that picked the winner of the soccer World Cup has predicted Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be

Gen.Hamid Gul in Alex Jones Show- GOD help America

Salman Khan "I've Broken Up With Katrina"

'Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 4' Promo 3

Look who Emraan recommends

download EMRAAN HASHMI wallpapers

Emraan Hashmi's recommendation is no small thing. Come to think of it, Emraan has churned out more hit films in the recent past than any other actor. His track record is

John gets intimate with Sonal Sehgal

John Abraham has performed an intimate love-making scene with Sonal Sehgal in Nagesh Kukunoor's AASHAYEIN. 

The scene is an important part of the film and gives John's character a new twist. Even though it's graphic in nature, the director has made sure he's shot it aesthetically.

view AASHAYEIN videos

A source says, "John and Sonal's love-making scenes come at a crucial point in the film and take the story in a new direction. Before shooting it, Nagesh explained the

A first hand look at NVIDIA 3DTV Play and PowerDVD 3D

NVIDIA 3DTV Play and PowerDVD 10

Home theater PC fans will tell you that one of the reasons they do what they do is because of the flexibility that comes along with a roll your own home theater PC. And so of course the latest HTPCs need to be able to play 3D movies, games and broadcast