Monday, July 26, 2010

Police ( Savior Or Destroyer )

Atif Aslam with Todd Shea - Dil Dil Pakistan

Man builds super-car in garage

Man builds super-car in garage LONDON: A motor-mad mechanic spent 3½ years building this 150mph supercar – in his GARAGE.

Oliver Ashley, 26, created the K1 Attack roadster from scratch after buying a basic chassis in 2006.

He designed the carbon fibre bodywork, fitted wheels at £2,000 each and added a £4,000 stereo to the bespoke leather cockpit.

Powered by a 250bhp Honda Civic Type R two-litre, four-cylinder engine, the car has a six-speed gearbox, Lamborghini-style “scissor” doors, built-in sat-nav and zips from 0-60mph in less than six seconds.

Oliver, from Bristol, spent £70,000 on the project. He said: “The design evolved as I went along. I plan to enjoy it for a year then sell it. After that, building a speedboat could be fun.”